"Meeting Susie online is one of the highlights of my life. She is very understanding and spot on in interpreting dreams. She is very straight forward, yet, very sensitive to your feelings and needs. In two separate cases, I had very disturbing dreams. She told me that even though they upset me, they were very positive messages and blessings in disguise. She was very right in both cases, wonderful things followed. What we dream is symbolic and can be life changing. Susie has a special gift to sort this out for you. I recommend her highly. Be Aware: Susie's personality and accuracy can be very addicting!" ~ Lisa P.
"Susie is a gift from the Universe and a precious and genuine "Jewel" from the heavens! She has helped me tremendously by helping me understand my own birth chart through astrology. Susie also uses her incredible great intuitive gift to help guide individuals in reaching their great and beautiful potential in life. She is a true heart who sincerely cares about helping others. I am so very blessed in knowing her in this life time as she is a beautiful light in my life." Jane from Florida


"Susie has done psychic readings and dream readings for me and I was blown away by her accuracy. I was going through a difficult time in my life and she really helped me. The things she told me and all the compassion she showed me gave me the strength to get through the difficult times. Susie showed me that my dreams were guiding me to a better place in my life and she was right with everything she said. She helped me make it through and I am very grateful to her for that!" ~Jan D.


"Rarely does one find an adviser like Susie. Extremely knowledgeable in many facets, from helping me discern the meaning behind a dream, suggestions for investigating and dealing with the paranormal, astrological information, to ways that I can develop my own intuition- her advice has been priceless. She is one who genuinely cares about the people who she comes into contact with, always compassionate, non-judgmental, and has mastery of her ability to know the unknown. You can trust that she will never steer you in the wrong direction, and provide you with the tools and insight to get through any situation, as well as the confidence to move your life in the direction that you want it to go. Thank you Susie, it really is a blessing to have met you!"  ~Valarie M.


"I have contacted Susie for some time now and have to say from that very  first time I knew she was a very special lady,one of a truly pure heart. She has been gifted this most incredible ability from God to help others by knowing the situation and being able to let that person know how to remedy the issue. I have always been in awe of her knowledge of the paranormal, astrology or dream decoding. She has always been right on the money with me. I recently had an issue that needed to be addressed and Susie was able to define it down to the exact cause, calm my fears and give me  a solution to help me fix the issue. Feel free to contact me for a reference. I recommend her highly." ~Lorraine Carey, author of "Jonathan's Locket."



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